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Wathing Over All That Matters and Trusted by Families Since 2009
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Hotel Pet Sitter Request Form

*How did you hear about Guardian Angels Sitting Service LLC?
Location Services Needed for:
New Jersey
*First Name:
*Last Name:
*Home Address:
*Zip Code:
*Cell Phone Number:
Are services needed at a Hotel/Resort or Home?
If a Hotel please list Hotel/Resort Name:
Street Address for Services:
Sitter Preferences:
Pet(s): (Please seperate each pet with a coma)
Consultation- 20 minutes
Errand Service
Pet Taxi: Veterinarian Visits
Pet Taxi: Grooming Appointments
Extended Stays and Overnight
15 Minute visit
30 Minute Visit
Hourly Visit
Medication ( by mouth only)
Fresh Food/Water
Potty Breaks
Clean Litter Box
Additional things not listed
Job directions or Special Instructions:
Service Request Details:

Please fill in one line per service. Example (2) 15 minute visits and (1) 30 minute visit in one day woudl all be on separate lines with the times that you would liek the sitter to arrive. Please refer to the list under "tasks" for types of service offered. Please include all dates of service and types of service starting with first date/time that you would like the sitter to arrive and ending with the last date/time the sitter will care for your Pet.

Consultation Date and Time Request:
*Date:( DD/MM/YY)
*Service Type:
*Time: (AM or PM)
Date: ( DD/MM/YY)
Service Type:
Time:(AM or PM)
Date: ( DD/MM/YY)
Service Type:
Time:(AM or PM)
Date: ( DD/MM/YY)
Service Type:
Time: (AM or PM)
Date: ( DD/MM/YY)
Service Type:
Time: (AM or PM)
Special Instructions:
Payment Terms:
Applicant (Cardholder if different) acknowledges and accepts full responsibility and guarantees payment for all service requested, either verbally or in writing, whether or not such services are authorized by applicant, (or cardholder if different). Applicant (or cardholder if different) agrees that Guardian Angels Sitting Service LLC. May pursue all avenues of collection, including use of collection agencies, and authorizes GASS to prepare and submit credit card charges using any of the charge cards listed above to recover all charges and all other unpaid amounts due including failure to pay on time for services rendered through membership, damages for returned check charges in the amount of $30.00 per check and cancellation fees.
This request must be confirmed by my pet sitter. By submitting this request, I agree to all terms as stated on our website.


By submitting this request, I agree to all terms as stated on our website.

*Full Name:
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